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I began running with Coach Avery during my freshman year in high school. At the time, my focus was directed toward soccer. Although most of my time was spent on travel soccer, I still had the desire to participate on my high school cross country and track teams. Throughout my freshmen and sophomore years, Coach Avery supported my participation in both sports. He allowed me to miss track practices for soccer and adjusted my workouts to help me get the most out of each sport and do what was most fun for me at the time. 

Eventually I chose running over soccer, and over the next two years, Coach Avery guided me to numerous state championships, state runner-ups and other titles. By the end of my high school career, I was being recruited by college coaches and committed to D1 running. 

In my time in sports, I have never seen another coach as knowledgeable in their sport. Not only that, I have never seen another coach so invested in their athlete’s progress and well-being. Coach Avery’s training is extremely individualized and tailored to each athlete’s needs and goals. He helps you to see your capability and empowers you to become the best athlete you can be. I would not have had my success without Coach Avery. I truly believe there is no better coach than Guy Avery. 

- Hailey Hendry

Hailey Hendry: Testimonial
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